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    MILL MODEL 125

    MILL Recommended to mill corn


    1.This machine makes corn dough
    2.Made in stainless steel (AAA)
    3.Made in different production. Standar: 170 kgs x hr = 374 lbs x hr.
    4.Stone ground variable 6, 8, 9 ( AAA)
    5.One electric motor 5, 7 or 10 HP Singlephase or Threeplephase
    6.Size: 4 F Length /3 F Width /5 F Height.
    7.Weight: Depends on the model. From 400 to 500 lbs. approx.
    8.Rowlock HI- Resistence (AAA)
    9.Can work with different densities
    10.Recommended to mill corn
    11.USA or Central America versions
    12.Shipping: FOB San Antonio, Texas


    1.Esta máquina produce masa nixtamal
    2.Hecha en acero inoxidable (AAA)
    3.Hecha en diferentes producciones. Estandar: 170 kgs x hr = 374 lbs x hr.
    4.Piedras del 6, 8, 9 ( AAA)
    5.Un motor electrico 5, 7 o 10 HP Monofasico o Trifasico
    6.Medida: 4 F Largo /3 F Ancho /5 F Altura.
    7.Peso: Depende el modelo. De 400 a 500 lbs. aproximadamente.
    8.Chumacera de alta resistencia (AAA)
    9.Trabaja distintas densidades de masa
    10.Recomendado para producir masa nixtamal
    11.Version USA o Centro America.
    12. Envio: Libre a bordo San Antonio, Texas.

    MILL MODEL 125

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